Educate & Recreate ( is a non-profit charitable member organization dedicated to assist with education and recreation of our youth-committed to continual improvement of our future society. The organization is based in Florida and is advancing this cause along with its members, professional staff, and volunteers.

Educate & Recreate aims to raise smarter, healthier and happier youth by providing an environment conducive to learning and recreation. We fund programs that combine learning, sports and recreation in a manner that makes both fun for all participants. Such programs are often engaged in the development of reading, writing, and math skills and fused with sports activities such as tennis, golf, swimming, sailing, boating, biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, aviation, and many other activities.

For inquiries on our membership programs, volunteer opportunities, and youth development programs, please Contact us by email at

780 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 200, Naples, FL 34102 (866) 434-2300.